Welcome to IntelliTerm a creative system integrator company. Our vision is tied to the future of technology and automation. Our industry is constantly evolving, and our vision is to be an innovator in software development to make technology an asset for your business not a problem.

About us

Engineered Solutions is our business. Whether it’s execution of a clients project or implementation of a complete solution from concept to run-off, IntelliTerm delivers. Our unique flexible staffing and project based approach allows us to help you develop a scope, budget and schedule to deliver project engineering in a way not possible from conventional engineering houses. While many companies get wrapped up in their internal systems and processes, IntelliTerm focuses on you, the customer. We think is more important to spend time listening than talking. Our goal is to deliver what you need the way you need it.


IntelliTerm is strategically located to serve the European market. From our multiple relationships across countries we provide a complete range of automation solutions for your technology operations. We have partners in Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.


Feasibility Studies

Return on investment is the key to project success. IntelliTerm can help with an up front big picture view of the cost involved vs. the potential returns. In cooperation with our clients we can bring the data and justification together for your management to fully understand the investment trade offs, risk and payback scenarios.

Project Execution and Engineering Services

IntelliTerm has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering complete solutions. From engineering only projects to complete turnkey equipment with integrated control systems, IntelliTerm delivers robust and cost effective solutions. We complement our deliveries with additional services such as facilities and process engineering, installation supervision, directing sub-contractors, troubleshooting systems and leading startup efforts. We also offer full documentation and training services.


IntelliTerm can manage suppliers and help you identify the benefits to ensure the highest levels of value. Building strategic alliances and early involvement with key suppliers means benefiting from their knowledge and experience. IntelliTerm can help by utilizing our own supply chain relationships or helping to manage yours through complex deliveries. We have the experience and relationships to get things done.

How may we help you today?

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